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Force and Motion (2)

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Uniform velocity
Velocity that does not change
Uniform acceleration
Acceleration that does not change
Non-uniform acceleration
Acceleration that changes over time
How slanted something is.
The steepness of a line
Another word for slope
A line that touches a curve only at one point
Newton's 1st Law of Motion
The resultant force is zero for an object at rest or at constant velocity
Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
When the resultant force is not zero, it will equal the mass times the acceleration of the object
Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
Every force has an opposite and equal force; "For every action, there is a reaction"
Balanced forces
Forces whose resultant is zero
Unbalanced forces
Forces that have a resultant which is not zero
The sum of added vectors
Air resistance
The opposition of movement due to the molecules of air
Terminal velocity
When falling, an object's acceleration will increase until it reaches the object's weight. At this moment, acceleration will stop and the object will move at a constant velocity. This is the name for that.