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EM Spectrum

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Separation of white light into different colors
Electromagnetic spectrum
Transverse waves of all wavelengths
Electromagnetic wave
A (transverse) light wave
To become charged; removing or adding an electron
Visible light
The light with wavelengths that humans can see
Gamma ray light
EM wave with the highest energy and frequency
Ultraviolet light
EM waves that are famous for causing skin damage
X-ray light
EM wave with frequency just below gamma rays
Infrared light
EM wave that have a wavelength slightly larger than visible light
EM waves often used in communication technology
Radio waves
EM waves with the longest wavelength
Primary colors (of light)
Light colors that can be used to make the other colors of the spectrum
Cells in your retina that are sensitive to different wavelengths of light (color)
Back of the eye where cones and rods are located.
A property of being "see-through"