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Je3 sik6
Tim3 ban2
Dim2 aa?
How is it?
ngaam1 m5 ngaam1 nei5 aa3?
Does it fit me?
M4 ngaam1 ngo5
It doesn’t suit me
Ngo5 wui5 lam2 haa6 sin1
I’ll think about it
Taai3 daai6
Too big
Taai3 sai3
Too small
Taai3 coeng4
Too long
Taai3 zaak3
Too tight
Taai3 sung1
Too loose
Ngo5 m4 jiu3, m4 goi1
I don’t want it, thanks
hai2 bin1 dou6 lai4 gaa3?
where is it from?
Mou5 fo3 aa3?
it’s out of stock
Ngo4 jiu3 ni1 go2 doi2
I’ll take this bag
M4 goi1 fan1 hoi1
Please pack them together
M4 goi1 jat1 cai6 zong1
Pack them seperately
Hou2 dai2 aa3
It’s worth buying
Baat3 zit3
20% off
Gaa1 soi3
add tax
Maai5 je5
kau3 mat6
Dak6 gaa3
special price
Bun3 gaa3
half price
Hei2 gaa3
price increase
Gaam2 gaa3
price cut
Daai1 maa5
Zung1 maa5
Sao3 maa5
Zau6 hai6 jat1 go3 saai1 si2
One size only
ngaan4 sik1
pai4 zi2
baau1 lin4 seoi3
including tax
Fung1 jing4
Ceoi3 bin2 tai2 aa1
Please feel free to look around
Ngo5 tai2 haa6 sin1 m4 goi1
I’m just looking
Ngo5 soeng2 tai2 haa6 ni1 tiu4 kwan4
I would like to look at this dress
M4 goi1 bei2 ngo5 tai2 haa6 go3 sai2 ji1 gei1
Please show me the washing machine
Gei2 cin2 aa3?
How much is it?
Taai3 gwai3 laa3!
That’s too expensive!
Ho2 m4 ho2 ji3 peng4 di1 aa3?
Could you make it cheaper?
Jau5 mou5 zit3 tau4 aa3?
Are there any discounts?
Macy’s ji4 gaa1 jau5 daai6 gaam2 gaa3
Macy’s has a big sale right now
Ngo5 ho2 m5 ho2 ji3 si3 haa5 aa3?
May I try it on?
Ceng2 man6 si3 san1 sat1 hai2 bin1 dou6 aa3?
Excuse me, where is the fitting room?
Nei5 jau5 mou5 gaa1 daai6 maa5 aa3?
Do you have Extra Large?
Nei5 jau5 mou5 kei4 taa1 cit3 gai3 si1 aa3?
Do you have other designers?
nei5 sau1 m4 sau1 seon3 jung4 kaat1 aa3
Do you accept credit card?
gei2 si6 wui5 jau5 san1 fo3 aa3?
When will there be new stock?
Do1 ze6. Nei5 jau5 si6 gaan3 zoi6 lai4 maai5 je2 laa1
Thank you! Please come again when you have the time