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SE. U12. Buying Clothes

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Can I try on that dress please?
Ar galėčiau pasimatuoti tą suknelę?
Where are the changing rotoms?
Kur galėčiau rasti persirengimo kabinas?
Do you have it in blue/ smaller?
Ar turite mėlynos spalvos/ mažesnį?
Does it look good?
Ar gražiai atrodo?
I‘m a small/medium/large.
Mano dydis S/M/L.
It‘s too big/long/short.
Jis per didelis/ilgas/trumpas.
It looks great/awful.
Tai atrodo puikiai/ baisiai.
What size are you?
Koks jūsų dydis?
Does it fit?
Ar tinka?