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SE. UNIT 1. Introductions & Greetings

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What‘s your name?
Koks tavo vardas?
My name‘s...
Mano vardas...
Nice to meet you.
Malonu susipažinti.
Nice to meet you too.
Man taip pat malonu susipažinti.
Where are you from?
Iš kur tu esi kilęs?
I‘m from...
Aš esu iš...
Good morning!/Morning!
Labas rytas!
Good afternoon!/Afternoon!
Laba diena!
Good evening!/Evening!
Labas vakaras!
How are you?
Kaip tu laikaisi?
I‘m very well, thank you. And you?
Labai gerai, ačiū. O tu?
I‘m fine, thanks! And you?
Gerai, ačiū! O tu?