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Basic Principles of Forming a Contract

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to draft
to write up, to compose
to interpret
to determine the meaning of something
legal clauses
a legal agreement
any of a variety of dealings bound by law
a lease
a contract renting land, buildings, property, etc. to another for a predetermined amount of time in exchange for compensation
a loan agreement
a contract used when borrowing money
a sales agreement
a contract used for the transfer of a product or property from one party to another for payment
a consultancy agreement
a contract used between a client and a provider of consultation services
a hire purchase agreement
a contract in which the purchaser agrees to pay in parts over months, and owns the property after the last payment
a hire contract
a contract which enables use of property, machinery, etc. for payment, over a fixed period
a service contract
a contract detailing the terms for the use of a service
a binding agreement
a contract enforceable by law
to make an agreement
to come to a mutual decision
the parties concerned
the people, groups, businesses, etc. who are involved