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1) to make a level or rate of activity, movement etc stay the same 2) to strongly express your belief that something is true [= claim]
1) to keep a machine, building etc in good condition by checking and repairing it regularly 2) to provide someone with the things they need, such as money or food [= provide for]
the repairs, painting etc that are necessary to keep something in good condition:
1) having very serious or worrying results [≠ minor] 2) very important
1) most of the people or things in a group [≠ minority] 2) if one person or group wins a * in an election, they win more votes than other people or groups
to make sb think and behave exactly as you want them to, by skilfully deceiving or influencing them
to work skilfully with information, systems etc to achieve the result that you want
1) clever at controlling or deceiving people to get what you want - used in order to show disapproval 2) [technical] relating to the ability to handle objects in a skilful way
1) * work involves using your hands or your physical strength rather than your mind [= blue-collar] 2) operated or done by hand or without the help of electricity, computers etc [≠ automatic]
a book that gives instructions about how to do sth, especially how to use a machine
1) the empty space at the side of a page 2) the difference in the number of votes, points etc that exists between the winners and the losers of a competition or election
1) a * change or difference is too small to be important 2) technical relating to a change in cost, value etc when one more thing is produced, one more dollar is earned etc
not enough to make an important difference [= slightly]
(formal) the period during which sth grows and develops
1) sb, especially a child or young person, who is mature behaves in a sensible and reasonable way, as you would expect an adult to behave 2) fully grown and developed
1) to become fully grown or developed 2) to become sensible and start to behave sensibly and reasonably, like an adult
1) the quality of behaving in a sensible way like an adult 2) the time or state when someone or sth is fully grown or developed
1) to increase sth such as profit or income as much as possible [≠ minimize] 2) to click on a special part on a window on a computer screen so that it becomes as big as the screen
the * amount, quantity, speed etc is the largest that is possible or allowed [≠ minimum]
the largest number or amount that is possible or is allowed
1) part of a machine or a set of parts that does a particular job 2) a system that is intended to achieve sth or deal with a problem
the media
all the organizations, such as television, radio, and newspapers, that provide news and information for the public, or the people who do this work
to try to end a quarrel between two people, groups, countries etc
relating to medicine and the treatment of disease or injury
of middle size, level, or amount
a way of communicating information and news to people, such as newspapers, television etc
relating to the health or state of sb's mind
a particular attitude or way of thinking, especially one that you think is wrong or stupid
a planned way of doing sth, especially one that a lot of people know about and use
a methodical way of doing sth is careful and uses an ordered system
the set of methods and principles that you use when studying a particular subject or doing a particular kind of work
sb who goes to live in another area or country, especially in order to find work
if birds or animals *, they travel regularly from one part of the world to another
when large numbers of people go to live in another area or country, especially in order to find work
involved in or relating to migration
used by, involving, or relating to the army, navy, or airforce
the military
(BE) the military forces of a country [= the forces]
very small in degree or amount, especially the smallest degree or amount possible
1) to reduce sth that is difficult, dangerous, or unpleasant to the smallest possible amount or degree [≠ maximize] 2) to make sth seem less serious or important than it really is [= play down]
the minimum number, degree, or amount of sth is the smallest or least that is possible, allowed, or needed [≠ maximum]
the smallest amount of sth or number of things that is possible or necessary [≠ maximum]
connected with or relating to government ministers
a government department that is responsible for one of the areas of government work, such as education or health
small and not very important or serious, especially when compared with other things [≠ major]
a small group of people or things within a much larger group [≠ majority]
to not understand the correct meaning of sth that sb says or does, or of facts that you are considering [= misread, misconstrue]
1) (formal) a particular way or style of behaving, living or doing sth 2) (technical) a particular way in which a machine or piece of equipment can operate
a small change made in sth such as a design, plan, or system
to make small changes to sth in order to improve it and make it more suitable or effective [= adapt]
to carefully watch and check a situation in order to see how it changes over a period of time
very keen to do sth or achieve sth, especially because you find it interesting or exciting
1) eagerness and willingness to do sth without needing to be told or forced to do it 2) the reason why you want to do sth
the reason that makes sb do sth, especially when this reason is kept hidden
(technical) the motive power or force for a machine, vehicle etc makes it move
* feelings such as respect, trust, or hatred are feelings that two or more people have for each other
sth that is * acceptable/beneficial/convenient etc is acceptable etc to both or all the people involved