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Early Theological Writings
1795-1800 - Outexistentialising Kierkegaard
1801 - "The Difference Between Fichte's and Schelling's System of Philosophy"
Phenomenology of Spirit
1807 - First major work: "Ladder into the System"
The Philosophical Propaedeutic
1808-1811 - Collection of Hegel's notes on what he thought should be taught to students so they'd learn to think
Science of Logic
1812-1816 - Hegel's System in its fullest development
Encyclopaedia Logic
1817 - "Shorter Logic"
Philosophy of Right
1821 - Major work on ethical and political philosophy
Lectures on Aesthetics
1820s - Hegel's most voluminous topic
Lectures on the Philosophy of History
1820s - Tracing the progress of Spirit in time
Lectures on the History of Philosophy
1820s - Hegel outlining his ideas on the major philosophers
Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion
1827 - Hegel's most complete discussion of religion.