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Ursa Major, Orion

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Nymph of Artemis and lover of Zeus transformed into a bear by Hera
Son of Callisto transformed into a bear by Zeus when unknowingly hunting his mother in bear form
Hundred-headed dragon guarding the golden apples of the Hesperides
Berenice II
Historic queen of Egypt who sacrificed her long hair to Aphrodite according to a myth
Corona Borealis
Latin name of the gemmed crown Ariadne received from Dionysus
Learned the art of winegrowing from Dionysus. Was killed since his wine was initially considered poison.
Giant huntsman who boasted that he would kill every animal on the earth
Orion's dog
Maera / Procyon
Faithful hound of Erigone who leapt off a cliff after Erigone hanged herself
Latin name of the animal hunted by Orion and his dogs