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Epic poem about the Trojan War
Epic poem about the ten year home journey of a certain Greek hero after the Trojan War
Poem by Hesiod narrating the genealogy of Greek polytheism
Homeric Hymns
33 anonymous hymns celebrating individual gods from the 7th and 6th century BC
Five Ages of Man
Hesiod's stages of human existence
Struggle between the Olympians and the Titans lead by Cronus
Struggle between the Olympians and Gaia's forces of Chaos
Struggle between Centaurs and Lapiths
Struggle between Greeks and female warriors
Dodekathlon / Twelve Labours
Series of episodes concerning a penance carried out by Heracles
The quest of a band of Greek heroes to find the Golden Fleece
Seven Against Thebes
Third play in Aeschylus' Oedipus-themed trilogy
Eleusinian Mysteries
Secret initiation ceremonies held every year for the agrarian cult of Demeter and Persephone
Religious beliefs and practices associated with literature ascribed to the mythical poet Orpheus