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9 Diamonds
Neil Diamond, Holding a guitar with arm over head, guitar
8 Diamonds
Humpty Dumpty, Falling off a wall, egg
7 Diamonds
Geena Davis, In a catchers outfit
6 Diamonds
Snoop Dogg, smoking a blunt
5 Diamonds
Ellen Degeneres, Dancing in a circle
4 Diamonds
David Duchovny, pointing to the sky, "I believe"
3 Diamonds
Cat Deeley, Announcing the next contestant, host
2 Diamonds
Ben Davis, Painting graffiti, work pants
10 Clubs
Oliver Cromwell, Loading a musket
9 Clubs
Nicolas Cage, Flaming head
8 Clubs
Harry Caray, Wearing big round glasses
7 Clubs
George Carlin, Performing Standup, wearing a black shirt
6 Clubs
Sean Connery, mixing a martini
5 Clubs
Eric Cartman, Eating cheesy poofs on the couch
4 Clubs
David Copperfield, A rose floating between his hands
3 Clubs
Charlie Chaplin, Twirls his cane, jumps and taps his feet together
2 Clubs
Bill Clinton, Smoking a cigar, cigar
10 Hearts
O'Henry, Reading a short story, eating a Oh Henry bar
9 Hearts
Neil Patrick Harris, writing a phone number on a napkin, Barney
8 Hearts
Hugh Heffener, Wearing a red silk robe
7 Hearts
Gandhi, Meditating
5 Hearts
Ernest Hemmingway, Fishing in a small boat, "Old man and the sea"
4 Hearts
Dustin Hoffman, Counting a pile of toothpicks,
3 Hearts
Charlton Heston, Holding Rifle over head, Rifle
2 Hearts
Ben Hur, Racing a chariot, Chariot