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King Spades
David Spade, Mopping the floor, Mullet
Jack Spades
Jack Sparrow, Drinking Rum, Compass
King Diamonds
Michael Jackson, Moonwalking in place, Diamond studded glove
Queen Diamonds
Janet Jackson, Showing her boob, Diamond studded microphone
Jack Diamonds
John Denver, Sitting playing guitar, Airplane
King Clubs
Tony Soprano, Eating a plate of pasta, Body Bag
Queen Clubs
Cleopatra, Biting a snake, Snake eating its tale
King Hearts
Romeo, Kissing Juliet, Phial of Poison
Queen Hearts
Cindy Crawford, Blowing a kiss, White bikini
Jack Hearts
Jimmy Hendrix, Smoking a Joint, Purple Haze
Queen Spades
Elizabeth Taylor, Bathing in Milk, Glass of milk
Jack Clubs
John Candy, Flipping a huge pancake, Snow Shovel
10 Spades
OJ Simpson, Putting on a glove, Brown leather glove
Ace Spades
Adam Sandler, Teeing Off, Driver
Ace Hearts
Adolf Hitler, Saluting, Swastika
Ace Diamonds
Al Davis, Holding a Raiders helmet, superbowl ring
Ace Clubs
Al Capone
6 Spades
Sharon Stone, Crossing her legs, Beaver
5 Spades
Edward Scissorhands, Trimming, Scissors
3 Spades
Charlie Sheen, Sitting on a mound of cash snorting lines, winning
9 Spades
Norman Schwartzkopf, Saluting the US flag, patriot missles
8 Spades
Howard Stern, talking into a mic, saying "Yeah Baby"
7 Spades
Gene Simmons, Sticking his tongue out, tongue
4 Spades
Deon Sanders, Spikes the football, football
10 Diamonds
Oscar DelaHoya, Warming up on a punching bag, boxing gloves