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wo ala tofao
I eat an apple
wo nestea panio
I drink water
wo wia to
I see you
to wia wo
You see me
do ko?
What is that?
fo ko?
What is this?
wo nae wia to
I do not see you
wo nae ala tofao
I am not eating an apple
wo nae nestea panio
I am not drinking water
do tofao
That is an apple
fo nae tofao
This is not an apple
fo bukos
This is a book
wo ala le tofao
I eat apples
le do ko?
What are those?
le do nae le bukos
Those are not books
le do le tofao
Those are apples
to nestea ko?
What are you drinking?
to nae nestea panio
You are not drinking water
to ala ko?
What are you eating?
ce to ala tofao?
Are you eating an apple?
ce do bukos?
Is that a book?
ce fo tofao?
Is this an apple?
ce to nestea panio?
Are you drinking water?