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Sie liest eine Zeitung.
She is reading a newspaper.
Ihr esst Brot.
You are eating bread. (plural, informal)
Jungen trinken Milch.
Boys are drinking milk.
Wir lesen ein Buch.
We are reading a book.
Ich lese ein Buch.
I am reading a book.
Die Kinder essen Brot.
The children are eating bread.
Jungen trinken Wasser.
Boys drink water.
Du liest ein Buch.
You read a book.
Die Kinder trinken das Wasser.
The children are drinking the water.
Die Kinder lesen die Zeitung.
The children are reading the newspaper.
Ihr seid Jungen.
You are boys. (plural, informal)
Ich lese.
I read.
Du liest das Buch.
You read the book.