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Possessive pronouns

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Ist das deine Kuh?
Is that your cow?
Das ist dein Apfelsaft.
That is your apple juice.
Deine Kinder essen.
Your kids are eating.
Unser Kind spielt.
Our child plays.
Meine Kinder, meine Kinder.
My children, my children.
Seine Frau trinkt Milch
His wife drinks milk.
Ihre Frau schreibt.
Her wife is writing.
Dein Pferd hat Durst.
Your horse is thirsty.
Eure Kuh ist schön.
Your cow is beautiful. (plural, informal)
Seine Frau trinkt Milch
His wife drinks milk.
Seine Männer sind groß
His men are big.
Deine Kinder essen.
Your children eat.
Unsere Kinder haben eine Katze.
Our children have a cat.