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3.2 Matters of Life and Death

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The removal of a foetus from the womb before it can survive.
Providing a seriously ill person with the means to commit suicide.
Assisted Suicide
The painless killing of someone dying from a painful disease.
The idea that the soul lives on after the death of the body.
Immortality of the Soul
When someone about to die has an out of body experience.
Near-death Experience
Ending someone’s life painlessly when they are unable to ask, but you have a good reason for thinking they would want you to do so
Non-voluntary Euthanasia
Unexplained things which are thought to have spiritual causes, e.g., ghosts, mediums.
The idea that life must have some benefits for it to be worth living
Quality of life
The belief that, after death, souls are reborn in a new body.
The belief that, after death, the body stays in the grave until the end of the world when it is raised
The belief that life is holy and belongings to God.
Sanctity of Life