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A solution or molten compound that conducts electricity.
Electromagnetic radiation/wave
An electric and magnetic wavepacket or photon that can travel through free space.
Electromotive force (emf)
The amount of electrical energy per unit charge produced inside a source of electrical energy.
Electron capture
Process in which an inner-shell electrons of an atom is captured by the nucleus.
Electron volt
Amount of energy equal to 1.6 x 10^-19J defined as the work done when an electron is moved through a pd of 1V.
Optical fibre device used to see inside cavities.
The capacity to do work.
Energy levels
The energy of an electron in an electron shell of an atom.
State of an object when at rest or in uniform motion.
Error bar
Representation of an uncertainty on a graph.
Error of measurement
Uncertainty of a measurement.
Process in which an atom absorbs energy without becoming ionised as a result of an eletron inside an atom moving from an inner shell to an outer shell.
Feynman diagram
Representation of the interaction between two particles or antiparticles or the decay of a particle or antiparticle.
Glow of light from a substance exposed to ultraviolet radiation; the atoms de-excite in stages and emit visible photons in the process.
Any interaction tha can change the velocity of an object.