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de Broglie hypothesis
Matter particles have a wave-like nature characterised by the de Broglie wavelength.
de Broglie wavelength
The wavelength of a matter particle = h/p, where p is the momentum of the particle.
Process in which an atom loses energy by photon emission, as a result of an electron inside an atom moving from an outer shell to an inner shell.
Mass per unit volume.
Spreading of waves on passing through a gap or near an edge.
Diffraction grating
A plate with many closely-ruled parallel slits on it.
Splitting a beam of white light by a glass prism into colours.
Distance in a given direction.
Drag force
The force of fluid resistance on an object moving through the fluid.
Stretches easily without breaking.
The ratio of useful energy transferred (or the useful work done) by a machine or device to the energy supplied to it.
The force applied to a machine to make it move.
Elastic limit
Point beyond which a wire is permantely stretched.
Property of a solid that enables it to regain its shape after it has been deformed or distorted.
Process of electrical conduction in a solution or molten compound: due to ions moving to the oppositely charged electrode.