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Modern Morals & Dilemmas

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disqualify sb from doing sth
to not allow sb to do sth after they committed an offence
driving after you have drunk too much alcohol
keep quiet about sth
to not tell anyone about sth
an advantage you get from a situation
borrow (sth from sb)
to receive sth belonging to sb else, and promise to give it back
a lot of unnecessary worry or excitement about something
confront sb with sth
to make sb face or deal with sth unpleasant or difficult
not fair or reasonable
an amount of money that you have to pay because you have broken the law
making you feel ashamed nervous
(plural) principles of right or wrong behaviour that are generally accepted by a society
deal with
to take action to do sth especially to solve a problem
not nice or enjoyable
be considered sth
be thought of as sth
gain access to sth
achieve entry to sth
the man who is married to your mother but who is not your real father