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(cānjiā) - join, attend, take part in, give (advice/etc.)
(yīdìng) - must
(qízhōng) - among, of them, in it, among them, which, them, det.: it, in, in which
(wèn) - ask, examine, question, interrogate
(táiběi) - capital of Nationalist China, capital of Republic of China on Taiwan, Taipei
(bāokuò) - consist_of, consist of, subtend, embrace, comprise, incorporate, embody, involve, count, subsume, take_in, comprehend, incorporation, include, comprize, run, cover, package, consist in
(jiǎng) - discourse, utter, talk, negotiation, make clear, negotiate, parley, pay attention to, speak, syllable, discuss, explain, tell, be particular about, explanation, interpretation, interpret, relate, discussion, stress, mouth, say, remark, verbalize
(zàochéng) - make_for, give rise to, create, set_up, strike, creation, cause, contribute, bring_about, procure, give, bring about, cut_out, necessitate, shape, present, bring_forth, generate, yield, make, breed
(kàn) - think, consider
(xiàng) - be like, resemble
(cháng) - often, usually, frequently
(jí) - at present, in the immediate future, then, promptly, at once
(xǐhuān) - like, love, be fond of, be happy/elated
(qù) - go, go to
(méi) - not
(chūxiàn) - appear, arise, emerge
(zhèngzhì) - paternalism, trouble, government, policy, political relation, political science, polity, politics, political affairs, political
(huà) - words, thing, language, tongue, talk, speech, spoken_language, conversation, utterance, expression, story, tale, saying, natural language, sayings, word
(zǒu) - scram, travel, foot, go away, evaporate, ankle, waltz, step, bugger off, etc., go through, leave, leak, run, buzz off, leg, pad, fork, visit, go, escape, lose flavor, work, call on, strike, sashay, trace, pursue, gang, lose shape/etc., get_along, come_along, walk, hoof it, lose flavor/shape/etc., leg it, let out, shape, drive, cover, take, get, hoof, move
(dānwèi) - department, unit, denomination, module, building block, unit of measurement, monad, unit (in measurement or organization)
(yīzhí) - e'er, away, continuously, all the way, right, forever, all_along, always, the whole way, all along, straight, slap, through, ever, evermore
(ba) - particle: used to show mild imperative or uncertainty
(shìfǒu) - whether or not, is it so or not
(dāngrán) - certainly, of course
(zhěng) - det.: exact
(chǔlǐ) - handle, deal with, dispose of, process
(lìshǐ) - past records, historical, history
(liǎojiě) - understand, comprehend, find out, acquaint oneself with
(nà) - then, in that case
(zěnme) - how
(jīhuì) - scouth, occasion, good luck, hap, liberty, fortune, opportunity, chance, joss, hazard, happy chance, probability, luck, scope, room, break, turn, opening
(jiā) - m.[general]
(tīng) - hear, list, hearken, obey, obedience, listen, heed, administer, let, allow, hark
(suǒyǒu) - det.: all
(zhǐyào) - conj.: so long as, provided
(péngyǒu) - amigo, connections, kith, friend, boy, crony, ami, boy/girl friend, companion, mate, boy friend or girl friend, compadre, boy friend, Mac, paisano, matey, old_boy, sport, folks, pard, hearty, Kamerad, cocker, cobber, girl friend, pardner, company
(lìng) - make, cause
(shènzhì) - even (to the point of), so much so that
(yòng) - use, employ, apply, eat, drink, spend
(zhēn) - really, truly, indeed, clearly
(liù) - det.: six
(ya) - particle: replacing 啊 when preceding word ends in a, e, i, o, or (y)u; used in direct address and exclamation; indicating obviousness/impatience/suggestion; used for confirmation
(qíngkuàng) - event, things, state of affairs, circumstantiality, case, circumstances, way, plight, experimental condition, streak, military situation, matter, condition, mood, circumstance, context, occasion, thing, instance, affair, shape, situation, juncture, consideration
(háishì) - still, nevertheless
(qián) - copper coin, cash, money, fund, sum
(fāngfǎ) - know-how, plan, attack, system, stepping-stone, manner, method, gateway, idea, measure, way, guise, key, wise, quomodo, plan of attack, tack, machinery, process, avenue, modus, how, means, channel, gate, approach, agency, gamesmanship, mode, medium, sort
(diǎn) - m.[proximation]
(rènhé) - aught, det.: any
(jīngyàn) - experience
(yìshù) - beaux-arts, aesthetical, artistic production, artistic, ars, art, academy, aesthetic, artistic creation, skill, craft, artistry, esthetic