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get along
to have a good relationship with
have (someone) over
invite someone to your house
wake up
to stop sleeping
give back
to return something to someone
look forward to
to anticipate with eagerness or pleasure
come up with
produce or think of
put up with
to tolerate or accept a situation you don't like
clean up
to wash or tidy up
run out of
exhaust a supply or quantity of something you have
put off
to postpone or delay
come up
arise (surgir)
go over
to examine and revise as necessary
give up
to abandon hope (for) or to renounce something
get back (home)
to return to your house after being out
turn off
to stop the operation of something (light, TV...) by switching the control off (apagar)
show up
to appear or to come to or arrive at a place
work out
to solve a problem or to result in a positive situation (it can also mean do exercise)
get over
to recover from an illness or overcome a difficult situation