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something you buy cheaply or for less than its usual price:
v. to give someone all the information about a situation that they will need
check in
to go to the desk in hotels and report that you have arrived: 2) to leave your bags at an official place so they can be put on a plane or a train
a search for someone or something that is difficult to find
to add short notes to a book or piece of writing to explain parts of it:
for the sake of it
if you do something for the sake of it, you do it because you want to and not for any particular reason: She likes spending money just for the sake of it.
train of thought
رشته افکار a related series of thoughts that are developing in your mind: The phone interrupted my ........
subject somebody/something to something
to force someone or something to experience something very unpleasant, especially over a long time: Police subjected him to hours of questioning.
فلات‌، زمين‌ مسط‌ح‌ 1 a large area of flat land
(n: invasion)to enter a country, town, or area using military force, in order to take control of it:
trading post
a place where people can buy and exchange goods in a country area, especially in the US or Canada in the past:
to make a long and difficult journey, especially on foot [= hike]
railway rail (2) a narrow path or road with a rough uneven surface, especially one made by people or animals frequently
n. nationwide survey سرشماري‌، امار
at somebody's disposal
available for someone to use:
if you ......someone's work, a scientific study etc, you do it again, or try to get the same result again:
تحريف‌ to change the appearance, sound, or shape of something so that it is strange or unclear: 2) to change a situation from the way it would naturally be: