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be/get under way
a) to have started to happen or be done: The tournament got under way on Friday. b) to have started to move or travel somewhere: Our train was already under way.
a .......building or piece of land is in very bad condition because it has not been used for a long time متروكه‌
a large building for storing large quantities of good انبار كالا
a building where things are stored [= warehouse]
nature reserve
an area of land in which animals and plants are protected
تزئینی designed to make something look attractive rather than to be used for a particular purpose:
n. a small building, often made of wood, used especially for storing things كپر، الونك‌. v. get rid of something that you no longer need or want:
shed light
a) to make something easier to understand, by providing new or better information b) if something sheds light, it lights the area around it: