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to carry on (doing something)
to take off
to suddenly start being successful
to run out (of something)
to use all OF SOMETHING and not have any left
to pay out
to spend or pay money, especially a lot of money
to splash out (on something)
to spend a lot of money ON SOMETHING
to give away
to give something to someone because you do not want (or need) it for yourself (or just without asking any money)
to get away (with something)
to not be caught or punished when you have done SOMETHING wrong
to bring down
to cause someone (or something) to lose power; to reduce amount of something; to move someone (or something) fall to the ground
to set up (one's business/company)
to pay (someone) back
to do something bad to SOMEONE because they have done something bad to you
to look forward (to something/to doing something)
to feel happy and excited about SOMETHING/TO DOING SOMETHING that is going to happen
to turn down
to reject
to put by
to put aside (to save an amount of money so that you can buy, or pay for something in the future)
to call off
to cancel
to put off
to delay doing something
to put (something) down to (something)
to explain (to think that SOMETHING is caused by SOMETHING else)
to take (somebody) up on (something)
to accept SOMETHING (an offer or a challenge) that SOMEBODY has made to you