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an uneven playing field
unfair competition
kick off
begin, start
he is on the ball
Quick to understand
The ball is in our court now.
it's (our) turn to do something about a situation.
on track
likely to achieve
get off track
not focus on the essential
a good track record
shown how good they are in the past
gaining ground on the bigger players
reaching a similar level to important companies or people
The stakes are high.
It's risky.
across the board
for everyone in the company
in the long run
at a much later time
a long shot
it will have little chance of success
The odds are that...
It's likely....
Let's get this meeting back on track.
Let's return to the main subject.
go over
We are running out of time.
We don't have much time.
stick to the point
talk about what's relevant
Can we get your input on this?
talk about what's relevant
keep track of
follow and understand
Why don't we kick around a few ideas?