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to sit (read, prepare) for examination
to prepare for the exam
to cram for / cramming
to study for an examination by memorizing facts at the last minute
first draft
a rough copy | first variant of future project
to use mind map
to use graphical technique for visualizing connections between several ideas or pieces of information
to carry out / to do a research
to make researches; investigate carefully.
to bury yourself in your books
to know the subject inside out
to pick up
to learn very fast
to learn by heart
to learn something so well that it can be written or recited without thinking
to use mnemonics
to use the process or technique of improving or developing the memory.
to memorise
to commit to memory; learn by heart
to revise
to review (previously studied materials) in preparation for an examination | to look at past papers
an act of revising
to concentrate
Focus all one’s attention on a particular object or activity
The ability to understand something
to comprehend
to understand (something, such as a difficult or complex subject)
A statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved
to succeed in / to make progress in
to achieve something that you planned to do or attempted to do
a method of learning in which students choose their materials and use them to study on their own
to pick from different courses
to choose from different courses