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The Negative

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I don't walk
I don't swim
angiphuzi amanzi
I don't drink water
angidli ukudla
I don't eat food
You are not reading
You are not buying
awushayeli imoto
you are not driving the car
Awubuki iTV
you are not watching the TV
he is not listening
he is not coming
akalandi izicathulo
He is not fetching the shoes
akalethi ipeni
He does not give the pen
yall are not holding
anipheki ukudla
yall are not cooking food
We are not washing
asisuli ingubo
We are not wiping the dress
They are not buying
abacishi amanzi
They are not turning off the water
Umuntu akashayeli
The person is not driving
Umuntu akafundi incwadi
The person is not reading the book
Abantu abathathi
The people are not taking
Abantu abaphuzi ikhofi
The people are not drinking coffee
Ubaba akalali
the father is not sleeping
Omama abadli
The mothers are not eating