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The student is learning
Umfundi uyafunda
The students are learning
Abafundi bayafunda
The driver is driving
umshayeli uyashayela
The drivers are driving
abashayeli bayashayela
The preacher is preaching
umshumayeli uyashumayela
The preachers are preaching
Abashumayeli bayashumayela
The granny is cooking
Ugogo uyapheka
The grannies are cooking
Ogogo bayapheka
The father is sleeping
ubaba uyalala
The fathers are sleeping
Obaba bayalala
The cat is drinking
Ikati liyaphuza
The cats are drinking
amakati ayaphuza
The mouse is running
igundane liyagijima
The mice are running
Amagundane ayagijima
the fool is talking
isilima siyakhuluma
the fools are laughing
izilima ziyahleka
The thief is bathing
isigebengu siyageza
The thieves are cooking
izigebengu ziyapheka
The dog is eating
inja iyadla
The dogs are running
izinja ziyagijima
the food is running out
ukudla kuyaphela
The beer is running out
utshwala buyaphela
The tortoise is walking
ufudu luyahamba
The tortoises are walking
izimfudu ziyahamba