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Making Domestic Policy

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Any burden, monetary or nonmonetary, that some people must bear, or think they must bear, if a policy is adopted.
Any satisfaction, monetary or nonmonetary, that people believe they will enjoy if a policy is adopted.
client politics
The policy under which some small group receives the benefits and the public at large endures the costs.
Money the government spends each year beyond what it receives in revenue
entrepreneurial politics
A policy under which society as a whole benefits while some small group pays the costs.
fiscal policy
The taxing and spending decisions of the government.
gross domestic product
The total value of all goods and services the nation produces.
interest-group politics
A policy under which one small group bears the costs and another small group receives the benefits.
Political authority conferred by law or public opinion.
marjoritarian politics
A policy from which almost everybody benefits (or thinks they benefit), and for which almost everybody pays.
national debt
The total of all deficits that the government has acquired.
policy entrepreneur
A political leader who has the ability to mobilize an otherwise uninterested majority into supporting a policy opposed by a well-organized group.