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advertising campaign
organised programme of advertisements, usually concerning promoting a certain product or brand
banner ad
form of advertising on the World Wide Web which involves putting a wide and short, or tall and narrow advert on an interesting web page
brand awareness
knowledge of a particular make of product
classified ad/advertisement
small advertisement placed in a newspaper by a person wishing to buy or sell something, offer or get employment, etc.
customer loyalty
when a customer favours a certain brand or company over others (the company sometimes offers financial or other rewards for this favouritism)
point-of-sale display
visual presentation for promotional purposes at the place where goods are sold
group of people or things that is chosen out of a larger number and is questioned or tested in order to obtain information about the larger group
small rectangular pattern of thick and thin black lines of magnetic ink printed on an item, or on its container, so that its details can be read by and recorded on a computer system
experience of something
device for reading information into a computer system
target audience
particular group at which advertising is aimed
examination of opinions, behaviour, etc., made by asking people questions
make or change something according to the buyer’s or user’s needs
something that you buy
sponsored link
text-based advertisement which describes an advertiser’s website and the products and services offered