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per capita
if you state an amount per capita, you mean that amount for each person
fact or situation which influences the result of something
capitalise on
use to your advantage
combine several things, especially businesses, so that they become more effective
foreign exchange fluctuation
rises and falls in the currencies of other countries
gain ground (on)
make progress at the expense of
niche market
small area of trade within the economy, often involving specialised products
production capacity
total amount of resources available to achieve maximum output
storage and handling facility
place or building used to store and distribute goods
disposable income
money which you can spend as you want and not the money which you spend on taxes, food and other basic needs
making goods available to customers
join-venture partner
associate in a commercial enterprise which is undertaken jointly
how much share of a particular market a company or a product manages to achieve
change in position or direction
spending power
ability to purchase goods
important company involved in a market or industry