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put your money where your mouth is
show that you believe in something by spending/or investing money
develop again all the details of a plan for doing something
resettlement package
collection of benefits offered to an employee who is relocating to another town, city or country for their work
get your desk clear
finish all your work
put more on someone’s plate
give someone more work to deal with
safety procedure
official or accepted set of actions used to keep people safe
area in a workplace where one person works
member of a family who earns the money that the family needs
close down
if a business or organisation closes down, or someone closes it down, it stops operating
related group of things when they are offered together as a single unit
cut back
use in smaller amounts
legal entitlement
something that, in law, you have the right to do or have, or when you have the right to do or have something
one-off payment
money that is paid only once
out of pocket
having less money than you started with
outplacement service
professional service to help redundant employees to search for a new job, paid for by the former employer
point on the pay scale
position on the salary scale which shows different rates of pay depending on your job and your seniority