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blue-collar worker
worker who does unskilled work rather than office work
worker who does particular pieces of work for different organisations, rather than working all the time for a single organisation
knowledge worker
person whose work requires specialist knowledge
not working for an employer but finding work for yourself or having your own business
having or needing only a small amount of training
person employed to work for a short period, especially in an office, while another person is absent or when there is extra work
union rep
worker elected by workers in a factory or business to represent them in discussions with management
if you downsize a company or organisation, you make it smaller by reducing the number of people working for it, and if it downsizes, it becomes smaller in this way
place a premium on
especially value
person who dislikes or fears new technology
the activity of working at home, while communicating with your office by telephone, fax or computer
flexible working
working without strict times for starting and finishing
home working
working at home, while communicating with your office by telephone, fax or computer
job sharing
doing part of a job with someone else, so that each person works part-time
career break
period in which a person decides to leave their job temporarily
career continuity
ability to continue your professional career
extra payment for working beyond the usual time
cut of the profits
share in the profits
loss adjuster
person who works for an insurance company and decides how much money should be paid out in each case of something having been damaged or lost
going rate
standard rate of payment for a particular job
person or company that buys and sells stocks and shares for other people