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account for
form the total of something
type of small magazine that contains pictures and information on a product or a company
sales transaction performed digitally, usually over the Internet
over-the-counter sale
ordinary sales transaction in a shop
period when the economy of a country is not successful and conditions for business are bad
rise extremely quickly
screen out
filter out/remove
large shop in which people are encouraged to look at the goods that are on sale before buying them
search engine
computer program which finds information on the Internet by looking for words which you have typed in
corporate catering service
business of providing food service to businesses (usually at a remote site)
life insurance
system in which you make regular payments to an insurance company in exchange for a fixed amount of money which will be paid to someone you have named, usually a member of your family, when you die
machine tool
mechanically operated tool for cutting or shaping wood, metals, etc.
get something from a particular place
time-share holiday home
when people buy a holiday home together which each person can use for a different part of the year
pop-up box (also pop-up ad/pop-up)
form of online advertising on the World Wide Web when certain websites open a new window to display advertisements
shop around
compare the price and quality of the same or a similar item in different shops before you decide which one to buy
take (someone) for a ride
deceive or cheat (someone)
direct response advertising
form of advertising designed to obtain a direct response between the viewer and the advertiser: the customer responds to the marketer directly