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Danelaw, Wessex
886 England divided into two parts
Alfred claimed to be descended originally from this man
Battle of Brunanburh
Battle to prevent joint invasion by Vikings and Scots
First leader of unified England
Money paid by Ethelred to the Danes to avoid invasion
Ethelred (the Unready)
King who ordered massacre of every Viking settler, (1002 )
Swein (Forkbeard)
Son of Harald Bluetooth who was king of England for 5 weeks
Cnut (the Great)
King of England 1016-1035
Last Danish King of England (1040 – 1042).
Edward the Confessor grew up here
Earl Godwin
Attempt to defeat Edward in 1050 by
Harold' II's relationship to Edward the Confesser
Tostig (Godwinson)
Harold II's brother and ally of Harald Hardrada
Harald Hardrada
King of Norway from 1047 to 1066 killed at Stamford Bridge in 1066.
Battle of Hastings
1066 Battle leading to Norman control of England
William the Conquerer
Victor at Hastings
Edgar Atheling
Briefly King after Harold II's death