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pas-pas bi
the knot; the plan
tan wi
the improvement
Amul benn tan.
There is no improvement.
lu baax
(the) good
Lu baax rekk lay def.
He only does good.
wàll wi
the contribution; the help; the role
Xam naa sama wàll ci mbir moomu.
I know my role in this matter.
jëflante bi
the cooperation
Jëflante bi diggante sunu ñaari réew yi dina jëm kanam.
The cooperation between our two countries will go ahead.
matukaay bi
the arrangement
Jél naa samay matukaay yépp.
I made (took) all my arrangements.
toppatoo bi
the maintenance/upkeep
teey bi
the method/technique
Dafay liggéey ak teey.
He works with technique.
santiyoŋ bi
the model (ideal); the sample (from French)
Nanga ko won santiyoŋ bi.
You need to show him the model.
pexe mi
the solution (answer); the influence, the connections in high places
Am naa beneen pexe.
I have another solution.
ndam li
the success/victory/accomplishment; the virtue
Bég nañu ci sa ndam li.
We rejoice in your success.
mbooloo mi
the union/unity
Mbooloo mooy indi doole.
Unity brings strength
Fooguma ñu mën koo defee anam gii.
I don't think they can do it in that way.
teeylu bi
the care/attention/prudence
Loolu laaj na tuuti teeylu.
That demands a bit of care.