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More lies and cheats

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fen wi
the lie
kor gi
the treason/betrayal
miikar mi
the sneaky person
naaféq bi
the imposter/liar/untrustworthy person
nar wi
the lie
xaxar bi
the insincere or satirical praise or flattery
njaalo gi
(the) adultery (by a woman)
Njaalo bàkkaar la.
Adultery is a sin.
tëkku bi
the threat
Faalewuma tëkku yooyu.
I am not worried about these threats.
Yàlla na nu Yàlla musal ci mbugal yi.
May God protect us from torment.
Daw na mbugal mi mu nekkewoon foofa.
He ran away from the bad treatment that he had there.
wor bi
the betrayal
to have loose morals
goreedi jubadi
to be dishonest
to be dishonest/unrighteous (lit. leaning/sloping/crooked)
to be perverse/wicked; to be broken; to be bad (of food); to be spoiled (of a child)
Yàqu na yàqeet.
He is completely perverse.
to be sly/sneaky; to be hypocritical; to be an imposter
to be sly/sneaky
to be dishonest/untrustworthy
taq suuf
to be questionable; to be less than completely true
Sa wax ji dafa tax suuf.
What you're saying is questionable.