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def ba
to manage to do sth (only used in Qs)
Naka nga def ba dugg ci sinemaa bi?
How did you manage to get into the cinema
fexe ba
to manage to (verb)
Fexe na ba am aviyoŋ.
She managed to get a seat on a plane.
mënin bi
the ability
mën-mën gi
the ability
to be skilled, adept
Xareñ na lool ci po.
He's very skilled at the game.
aay ci
to be an expert on/good at sth
Dafa aay ci ñaw.
He is good at sewing.
to be innate, natural; to be born with a physical characteristic
Neex na woy, judduwaale la.
He sings well, it's innate.
mën fuuf
to be much stronger/more able than
to be better/stronger/more able than
Mbër mi mu dëkk moo ko mënn.
The wrestler he is challenging is stronger than he is.