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génn adduna
to die (leave the world)
wuyuji boromam
to meet one's maker
to die (used for a baby)
to disappear (to die)
to commit suicide
am dëj
to have someone close to one die
to have s.o close to one die
Kan la deele?
Who related to her died?
faat bakkan
to kill/take a life
Faat bakkan daganul.
Taking a life is not legal in Muslim law.
to die/pass away
to end the mourning period
to prepare (a corpse) for burial; to handle (s.o) as one would a corpse
to give a gift after a bereavement
malaaka yi jël nawam
to die (lit. For the angels to take one's soul)
to bury (someone)
to bury (someone)
Suul nañu ko ba noppi.
They buried him already.
to finish off/kill (a wounded creature)
to go and rest; to die/take one's final rest
armeel wi
the grave/cemetery
dem ci Yàlla ji
the deceased (one who went to God)
jaat gi
the coffin
jaxal bi
the gift given after a bereavement
médd mi
the dead animal (domesticated or wild, but naturally dead not slaughtered)
baayo bi
the child with one deceased parent (esp. Mother)
jirim bi
the orphan
yax yi
the skeleton
Foto bi ay yaxi xar lay wone.
The photo shows the skeleton of a sheep.
Xaru pexe bu bon la.
Suicide is a bad solution.
ndenku gi
the will and testament
Bàyyiwul ag ndenku.
He didn't leave a will.
bàmmeel bi
the grave/tomb
Sama bàmmeelu baay angi nii.
The grave of my father is here.
tëraayu bàmmeel
to be in the grave position (to be telling the truth before God)
Waat naa ko ci sama tëraayu bàmmeel.
I promise it on the position in my grave.
déj bi
the death/mourning/funeral
Bésub déj la.
It's a day of mourning.
Dàq nañu déj bi ba beneen.
They pushed back the funeral to another time.
tàgge bi
the death notice
njuuma li
the ghost
Gis na ab njuuma li.
He saw a ghost.
doxul-jàmm bi
the hearse
njaal mi
the condolences
rob bi
the burial
Jigéenu jullit duy fekke rob.
The muslim woman didn't go to the burial.