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to designate (a male relative) to be a substitute father for one's child
to act as a substitute father for a young person (esp in decisions about marriage)
Aamadu baayam la donn.
Amadau takes after his father.
to have s.o (ie a boy or a girl) as one's youngest child
Góor laa caatloo.
I have a male as my youngest child.
donnee ci
to inherit sth (a trait) from s.o.
Yamar ci baayam la donnee doole.
Yamar inherited strength from his father.
to have a large family
to have a child every year; to have one's children closely spaced
to designate (a woman) to substitute as a mother for one's child
Ayda Binta la ndeyale doomam.
Aida desingated Binta to act as her child's substitute mother.
to act as a substitute mother for (a child)
to have twins/triplets etc
Séex na ñaari yoon.
She has had twins twice.
to have s.o as one's oldest child
Su doon bëy taawloo ma.
If he were a goat, he would have me as his oldest child (someone is not much older than oneself)
to inherit; to take after s.o.; to succeed s.o
Moo donn kër gii.
It's him who inherited this house.
askan wi
the paternal lineage/family inheritance
baay-tëx bi
the stepfather
baayu jiitlé
bokk gi
the kinship
càmmeñ ji
the brother of a girl/the male friend of a woman
Dinaa ko def ngir sunug bokk.
I will do it because of our kinship.
doomi nijaay ji
the cousin
doomu baay bi
the sibling with the same father/person with the same last name
doomu jiitle ji
the stepson/daughter (accepted by new husband)
doomu ndey bi
the sibling with the same mother/close friend thought of as a sibling
geñog baay
paternal line (lit. Father's belt)
gone gi
the child
maam ju jigéen
maam mi
the ancestor
maamaat ji
the great-grandparent/relative of great-grandparent's generation
mbokk mi
the relative/good friend
meen mi
the shared female ancestor; the sap
Ndaw sii amul càmmeñ.
This girl has no brothers.
ndey-tëx bi
the stepmother
nenne bi
the little baby
Nun ñépp ay mbokk lanu ci réew mii.
We're all relatives in this country.
rakkaat bi
the very much younger sibling
Sama maam ju jigéen gaañu na daaw.
My grandmother died last year.
sëtaat bi
the great-grandchild (or blood relative of one's great-grandchildren)
tofo bi
the younger sibling
weenu ndey
maternal line (lit. Mother's breast)
wujju peccargo bi
the husband's brother's wife
Xale bu fendi la.
He's a bright kid.
yaayu jiitle ji
the stepmother
yumpaañ bi
the uncle's wife
nàmp jox
to be the next older sibling of s.o