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àpp bi
the time limit/deadline/end
arminaat bi
the diary/calendar
Saturday (not Gaawo or Samdi)
atum lëmm
a whole year
bes bu Yàlla sàkk
every day
bu ëllëgée
tomorrow, the next time
Bu tayee yaangi ci kii, bu ëllëgée yaangi ci kale.
Today you're with this one, tomorrow you're with that one.
Ci jamano jooju.
At that time.
Ci jamanoy tubaab lawoon.
It was in the colonial time.
two years ago/the year before last
Defuloo dara ci jamano jooju.
You did nothing during that time period.
Des na benn minit.
There's one minute left.
diggu njolloor gi
the middle of the day/noon
Dina am juróomi minitu yokkute.
There will be five minutes of extra time.
Dinaa leen jox tëralin wi ëllëg.
I will give you the schedule tomorrow.
Dogtoor bi jox na ma ràndewu.
The doctor gave me an appointment.
Ellëg, ci njél, dinaa dem.
Tomorrow, at dawn, I will leave.
Fàtte naa sama montar sa kër.
I forgot my watch in your house.
fukki yoon ag juróom ñaar
17 times (metaphorically, a million times)
gàpp bi
the limit/deadline
jamano ji
the period (of time)/the time/the era; the season
keeseem bi
the fortnight
Léebkat bi mooy neexal sunuy ngonnal.
It was the storyteller who made our soirées present.
Lu bees la!
That's something new!
lu bees li
the novelty (something new)
Mën nanoo àgg balaa minwi.
We can arrive before midnight.
minit bi
the minute (from French)
montar bi
the watch
ngan gi
the period when guests are visiting
porogaraam bi
the schedule (from French)
taŋ bi
the weather/season; the time period (from French)
Taŋu robb bu gàtt weesu na.
The time for short skirts has passed.
tëralin wi
the schedule
Wax naa la ko fuki yoon ag juróom ñaar.
I've told you that a million (17) times!
xaaja guddi gi
the middle of the night
xarnu bi
the century
xar-xar bi
the break
yaral bi
the very dark night
Yegsi nanu ci àppu sunu mbir mi.
We arrived at the end of our affair.
extra time
yoor-yoor bi
the midmorning (around 10)
to do sth (custom, charity, event) on an annual basis
to postpone sth
to stay up late
to be imminent; to approach (sth)
Takk gi dafa dégmal.
The wedding is imminent.
Bi ñu dégmalee màrse Sàndaga laa gis sama xarit.
As we approached the Sandaga market I saw my friend
gàppam jéex
to have no more time/to have one's deadline expire
to be getting close/coming up; to approach
Bésu Tabaski bi jegesi na.
The day of Tabaski is coming up.
to postpone/adjourn
Dàq nañu àpp ba.
They pushed back the time limit.
Dégg nanu ni dàq nañu céet li.
We heard that they've postponed the wedding.
to cancel/postpone; to give up on sth
Bés bi fommaat na.
The date has been cancelled again.
Bu la loolu taxa fomm.
(I hope that) that doesn't make you give up!
to suspend
Aj nañu lépp ba déwen.
They suspended everything until next year.
to set a deadline/time limit
Àppal ma ñaari fan.
Give me two days.
am jotam
to have time for sth
Amul sama jot.
He doesn't have time for me.
am jotu
to have time to
Amul jotu bind ma.
He doesn't have time to write to me.
amul taŋam
to not have time for sth
to go by; to pass (from French)
Waxtu kulli paase na.
The time for prayer has passed.
Benn waxtu weesu na.
An hour passed.
yem ak
at the same time that
Dama demoon kër Aamadu yem ak Yamar di ko dóor.
I went to Amadou's house at the same time that Yamar was hitting him.
yem ci
to be on the spot; to be there at the right time, to be there when it was happening; to be just enough (leaving nothing more)
Dañu ci yem.
They were there at the right time.
Xaalis bi nga ma joxoon yem na ci.
The money you gave me was just enough (there's none of it left)
Piis bi yépp ci mbubb mi la yem.
The whole piece of material was just enough for your dress.
to procrastinate; to hum and haw
Mungiy nakknakkal.
He's procrastinating.
to leave early; to go to work early; to leave early in order to (verb)
Dafa xey bind ko.
He left early in order to write it.
am taŋ
to have the time/to have nothing else to do
to never (verb)
Yàlla rekk moo dul juum.
Only God never makes a mistake.
Dama ko dul woo.
I never call her.