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to succeed each other
Bés yi dañuy topplante wante niroowuñu.
The days succeed each other but don't ressemble each other.
to take one's turn (esp at doing chores)
to take over for (s.o doing a task)
to have it be one's turn/to take a turn
to take over from s.o.; to relieve/substitute for; to sing back up for; to catch something falling/thrown)
Bàyyil ma awu la boo sonnee.
Let me take over from you if you're tired.
Sama pann dafa diis, awu ma.
My basket is heavy, relieve me.
to take turns
Danuy awulante ci waañ wi
We'll take turns in the kitchen.
to replace/succeed s.o
Abdu Juuf moo wuutu Séngóor.
Abdou Diouf succeed Senghor.
to replace (from French)
Góor gii moo wuutu Mamadu.
It's this man who replaced Mamadou.
topp ci
to come next after; to pressure (s.o to do sth); to go with/go along
Jélal sa moome.
Take your turn.
moome gi
the turn