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ànd ak ay buumi nafaam
to hold one's horses/not get carried away
Àndal ak say buumi nafa!
Hold your horses!
to anticipate the arrival of/get ready for sth
jàppandi ci
to wait for the rest (of goods ordered or money owed); to hold onto sth for later
to wait a little longer for sth
Négandi naa ba Binta pare
I waited a little longer for Binta to be ready.
to wait; at this time/by this time
Négani naa ba sonn wante ñówul.
I waited until I got tired, but he didn't come.
to sit and wait for a while
xaar ba xàddi
to wait (for s.o) until one is tired of waiting
Xaar naa ko ba xàddi.
I waited for him until I was tired of waiting.
to wait (for)