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bekkoor bi
the dryness/drought; the famine
callweer bi
the whirlwind.
Ci ciñaag gi rekk lay génn.
He only goes out in the late morning sun.
ciñaag gi
the late morning sun
ëgg bi
the rain that comes when it's not the rainy season
Lay bee ma teree génn.
It's the fog that stopped me going out.
lay bi
the fog; the dew
Lay bi tooyal na samay dàll.
The dew has soaked my shoes.
Maral bi am na ñetti at.
The drought lasted three years.
ñebb-ñebb bi
the light rain/sprinkle
ngëlën li
the storm
niis wi
the very thin cloud cover
péex mi
the breeze
tawu màngo bi
the rain that comes in February or March
waste wi
the end of the rainy season
waxset wi
the period of heavy rain
Xoolal callweer bi
Look at the whirlwind.
yebb-yebb bi
the very light rain that falls for a long time
yéngu-yéngu suuf
Yéngu-yéngu suuf mësulaa am fii.
There has never been an earthquake here.
to thunder
to die down/stop (rain/wind); to calm down
to stop (of rain)
to get harder (of rain); to plate sth with a precious metal; to make it up (slang)
to be caught in the rain
Suuf si tooy na.
The ground is humid.
Asamaan si dafa xiin lool.
The sky is very cloudy.
to be humid
to be overcast