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am ndombo
to have rolls of fat
am yaram
to put on weight (to have body)
Ayda yaram dafa ko dab.
Aida put on a lot of weight.
Coono bi diisal na sunuy tànk.
The tiredness weighed down our legs.
to make heavy/weigh down
Garab guy réyloo la.
It's a medicine that makes you put on weight.
to lose weight (to be finished)
Lutax ngay jeex?
Why are you losing weight?
maye yaram
to make s.o. put on weight (give body)
Ñaata kilo ngay peese léegi?
How many kilos do you weigh now?
to weigh (from French)
to put on weight
to make s.o. put on weight (make enormous!)
Sama coono wàññéeku na.
My responsibilities have been reduced
Sama waŋ ji yépp dem na.
I'm numb from sitting too long/I've lost weight.
to have lost weight; to abate (of the rain etc); to be reduced
waŋam ji... Dem
to have lost weight; to be numb from sitting too long
to try to gain weight
Yaram dafa ma dab
I put on a lot of weight.
yaram... dab
to put on a lot of weight
to lose weight
am biir am taat
to be chubby
to be chubby (of a child)
to be fat
am yaram
to be fat/have gained weight
to be skinny as a result of having lost a lot of weight (because of illness)
tollu ne ruuxu
to be very skinny.
réyaay bi
the size/weight (chubbiness); the bigness
Réyaayam gi tiis na ma lool.
His weight worries me a lot.
woyofaay bi
the lightness (not heaviness)