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jéggi yoon wi
to break the law (lit. To step over the law)
to steal
raafal (ci)
to steal sth (from)
Ci man la ko raafale.
He stole it from me.
to get money from s.o by steal or tricking
to take sth away from s.o by force; to be raped
Dánu ma siif.
They took sth from me/ I was raped.
to sentence someone (also to close)
Dañu ko tëj ñaari at.
He was sentence to two years.
to murder
Yéen a ko bóom.
It's you who murdered him.
moy yoon
to break the law/commit an offence
jalgati yoon
to break the law/commit an offence
Moy nga yoon.
You committed an offence
to punish
Yàlla dina ko yar lu mu yàgg-yàgg.
God will punish him sooner or later.
to ravage/ransack/pillage; to touch sth/s.o too much; to crush food with the hands or feet; to bruise fruit
Wayu yi nappaaje nañu dëkk bi.
The bandits pillaged the town.
Mbaam-àll yi nappaaje nañu sama tool.
The warthogs ravaged my field.
to accuse
Moom lañu tuumaal sàcc.
It's him that they accused of theft.
to defend, to plead; to be judged/have a trial
Awokaam layool na ko.
His lawyer defended him
to make a complaint/press charges against.
to judge (between)
Mënuma léen a àtte.
I cannot judge you (plural).
wiste kër
to conduct a police raid
Ab ndawal buur ñów na wister këram.
A policeman raided his house.
to prove
to clear out/arrest all of
Poliis bi ramaas na téeméeri caga.
The police cleared out a hundred prostitutes.
to bear witness/give testimony
Dinaa ñów seedeel leen.
I'll come to give testimony for you (plural).
to have a criminal record; to be a prankster
yobbu tirbinaal
to take s.o to court
to be guilty