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Prayers and oaths

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Yàlla bu...
may God prevent...
Yàlla bu mu daanu.
May God prevent it from falling.
Yàlla bu mo ko lekk.
May God prevent him from eating it.
Yàlla bu mu rees!
May God prevent it getting digested (of one a child who won't share his food)
Yàlla moo ma seede.
God bears me witness (I am telling the truth)
Yàlla na...
may God let...
Yàlla na yegg ak jàmm.
May God let him get there in peace.
Yàlla na la Yàlla feg ci musiba.
May God protect you from misfortune
Yàlla na la Yàlla sàmm.
May God protect you
Yàlla na la Yàlla taxawu!
Good luck!
Yàlla na ñu Yàlla musal ci cat!
May God protect us from tempting fate!
Yàlla na ñu Yàlla sàmm.
May God protect us.
Yàlla na nga dee!
May you die! (mild curse)
Yàlla na nga tawte!
May you get rained on! (mild curse)
Yàlla na tàbbi Àjjana!
May he land in Paradise! (about someone deceased)
Yàlla na Yàlla...
May God...
Yàlla na ko Yàlla musal ci mu lekk ko.
May God protect him from eating it.
Yàlla na Yàlla sàmm njaboot gi!
May God protect the family!
Yàlla tere!
God forbid!
Yàllaa xam!
God knows!
ak sama bakkan
by my life
ak sama giiru dund
by the length of my life
Barke Yàlla!
Honest to God!
Honest to God!
Ma ñàkk sama ndey ak sama baay!
May I lose my mother and my father!
Maa tay!
I did it on purpose (so what)!
Darn it!
Mbas ma ko!
Darn him/her!