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to be mixed up/confused (of a person); not to think about what one is doing
xelam... neex
to have a good memory
xelam... nëx
to be forgetful; not to be too bright
xelam yépp... nekk ci
to be obsessed with
Sama xel yépp ci Aamadu la nekk.
I'm obsessed with Amadou.
to be persuaded/convinced
Ràññee nanu ak mbaaxam.
We are convinced of his kindness.
wóor (ni)
to be convinced/sure (that); to be steady (of s.o's walk); to be prudent (object)
It's not prudent.
Wóor na ma.
I am convinced.
Léegi doxinam wóor na.
Now his walk is steady.
Woor naa ma ni nop na ko.
I'm sure that he loves her.
to be sensitive to/to appreciate
Mettitlu naa sa mbir moomu.
I appreciate your problem there.
to choose/make a choice; to pick/select
Tànn nañu dawkat yi ba noppi.
They've already chosen the runners.
Tànn sa bu la neex!
Take your pick!
soppi xalaatam
to change one's mind
Ayda soppi na xalaatam.
Aida changed her mind.
to guess sth; to make it up; to know sth by magic
xelam... dal (ci)
to have peace of mind (about)
Sama xel dalu ci.
I don't have peace of mind about it.
Xelu Binta dal na.
Binta has peace of mind.
Xelam dal na ci séy bi.
He has peace of mind about the marriage.
xelam... Mungi ci
to be thinking about it
Sama xel mungi ci.
I'm thinking about it.
xalaat wi
the thought
xel bu dal bi
(the) peace of mind
yaakaar bi
the hope
to guess/make it up; to feel around/grope for (an answer); to know sth by magic
Xamuloo ko, dangay tandale.
You don't know it, you're groping around.
yaakaar ni
to think that; to hope that
Yaakaar naa ni Aamadu mungi fi.
I hope that Amadou is here; I think that Amadou is here.
to hope to (verb)
to analyse
foog ni
to guess that/think that
Dama foog ni danga feebar.
It seems to me that you are sick.
to underestimate/minimise
to underestimate
Bul xeeb mukk sa noon.
Never underestimate your enemy.
am dégg
to understand things easily
to be familiar with/to recognise
Xamuma ko wante miis na kanamam.
I don't know him but I recognise his face.
to recognise/identify
fas yeene
to intend to/have the intention of
Fasuma yéene def ko.
I dont intend to do it.
to interest
Su la soxaloon, dinga ñów.
If that had interested you, you would have comr.
to forget what one has been talking about
ñàkk mbóosóor
to forget the past; to keep one's distance/to be reluctant to open up