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alal ji
the property/goods; the wealth
Wér-gu-yaram a gën alal.
Health is better than wealth.
am-am bi
the asset/property/wealth
Am naa pertemaa ñaari dërëm.
I made a loss of ten francs.
bonofiis bi
the profit/benefit (from French)
barka-barka bi
the interest
dawal bi
the deposit/down payment
depaas bi
the daily spending/household allowance
Amuma depaasu tey.
I have nothing to spend today
fiftin bi
1 cfa
lotori bi
the lottery
Gañe naa ñaari yoo ci lotori bi.
I won twice on the lottery.
luyaas bi
the rent/rental
Maay toppatoo xaalisu luyaas bi.
It's me who looks after the rent money.
màndaa bi
the money order
Jot naa benni màndaa bu ñaari téeméer.
I received a money order of 1,000 cfa
moomeel gi
the property/wealth
Mungiy toppatoo moomeelam.
He is looking after his property.
naatànge bi
the prosperity
natt gi
the subscribtion/dues
ndawtal gi
the money given to friends/relatives for a celebration
ndimbal li
(the) help/support/subsidy
Moo des ci ndimbal li.
That's what's left of the subsidy.
Soxla nanu seen ndimbal.
We need your (plural) help.
ndollent li
the raise (in salary); the addition (to a house)
ndono li
the inheritance
Doom yaangiy xecco ndono li.
The sons are arguing over the inheritance.
ngañaay li
the profit/benefit/prize; the belt
Jëlewu ci benn ngañaay.
He didn't take any profit from it.
njég gi
the price
Fàtte naa njégu mburu mi.
I forgot the price of bread.
njël gi
the food for one day/money for food for one day
peretemaa bi
the financial loss/deficit
pey gi
the payment/salary/price (from French)
Jotagul peyam.
He has not yet received his salary.
Yombalal na ma pey gi.
He facilited the payment for me.
peyoor bi
the pay period
ribaa bi
the interest (on a loan)/usury
Ribaa daganul.
Interest is not religiously sanctioned.
riisaay bi
the wealth (from French)
sold bi
the payment/salary (from French solde)
Jot naa sama sold démb.
I received my payment yesterday.
security deposit/guarantee (object)
Tayle na ma montaram.
He gave me his watch as a security deposit.
wanog wi
the well-off areas
xànjar bi
the coin/small change; the brass
to be bankrupt
to be destitute/penniless; to be ashamed
Deewu yaayam tax na mu torox.
The death of his mother made him destitute.
to be honestly earned; to come to s.o honestly
Alal ji lew na ma.
The wealth came to me honestly.
Alalu Aamadu lewul
Amadou's wealth was not honestly earned.
to be poor/impoverished/ruines
to be poor; to have nothing
am këllu kuus
to be rich
to be rich (from French)
to be rich/wealthy; to be developed (of a country)
Réew yu naat yi dañu wara dimbale réew yu néew doole yi,
The rich countries shoud help the poor countries
bëggé (xaalis)
to be stingey/to want money
to be stingy (with money)
am alal
to be wealthy/affluent
Am ngeen ay mbokk yu am alal.
You have wealthy relatives.
Dafa foog ni dama am alal.
He believes that I am rich.
to save (up)