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mbind mi
the sacred verses or spells written by a seriñ
mbirum Yàlla bi
(the) God's will
naafila bi
the prayer which follows the gee prayer during Ramadan
Nabi(l Mustafa)
the Prophet Muhammed
ndésu jullikaay bi
the prayer mat
ndéwénal bi
the gift (of money) given to children at Korite or Tabaski
ndigal li
the instruction/religious obligation
Ndigalu Lislaam yi
the pillars of Islam
ndogal Yàlla bi
(the) God's will
Ndoxu Sam-sam bi
the holy water from Mecca
Njaniiw ji
the Heaven/Paradise
peru kurus bi
the prayer bead
Péncum Yàlla mi
the judgement day
Rañaan mi
the Hejira (flight of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina)
ràkk bi
the act of praying
rukkoo bi
the touching of the head to the ground during prayer
saaba bi
the companion of the Prophet
saafara si
the holy water (blessed by a marabout)
Prophet Mohammed
sunna si
the devout behaviour (not an obligation but one that increases personal holiness)
sunnas Mohammet si
devout behaviour (recommended by prophet, not by God)
Suñu Boroom
God (our owner)
suraat bi
the verse of the Qur'an
téere Alxuraan bi
the Qur'an (the book itself)
Tiijaan bi
the member of the Tijaan sect; the Tijaan sect
umra bi
the Korite pilgrimage to Mecca
Weeru Koor gi
the Ramadan (fasting month)
Xaadriya bi
the Xaadriya Muslim sect (from Mauritania)
Xaadir bi
the member of the Xaadriya Muslim sect
xalif bi
the religious leader (of Muslim sect or denomination); caliph
xeeru jullikaay bi
the prayer stone (for symbolic ablutions when water is unavailable)
xëdd bi
the food eaten before morning prayers during Ramadan
yéenekat bi
the muezzin
Yónnént Mohammet (salalaahu allayhi wa sallam)
The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)